Nostalgic Displays for Geek Collectors

Iacon 3D Labs was born out of a desire to create the kinds of accessories and displays that owner Jeff Peebles envisioned when he couldn’t find them currently on the market. He has worked as a CAD drafter/designer his entire career so expanding to 3D modeling was a natural extension of his long-standing design talents.

Jeff strives to create unique, high quality items for nostalgia fans like himself to add to their displays and make them stand out from the average collector. His favorite 80’s character is Trailbreaker and his favorite band is Van Halen.

About the Peebles Family

Jeff Peebles Owner & Creative Director

Jeff has collected toys from various 80s genres for the past 20+ years, especially Transformers. He says that it brings him back to the nostalgia of his childhood. Joni might say that he never actually left! As Jeff’s collection has expanded from a few shelves to an entire room with custom shelving and lighting, he looked for more interesting ways to display his figures.

Joni Peebles Owner & Business Guru

Joni complements Jeff’s artistic talent by being relentlessly un-artistic. A CPA and business consultant by profession, she handles the business details, marketing, and quality control. Chronically unable to think fourth-dimensionally, she leaves the ideas up to Jeff, but can still be found in the lab cleaning and assembling parts when a second set of hands is needed. Her favorite 80’s character is Cheetara and her favorite band is Queen. If you play music by Genesis or any of the members, she feels personally attacked.

Meet the Peebles Family - Iacon 3D Labs