Acoustic Wave Chest Insert (Custom)


Customize your Acoustic Wave chest plate insert! You can now choose any combination of options if you want a special order, customized insert that is not the standard look. This fits RP-01 Acoustic Wave and RP-46 Sound Waves. It takes the place of the clear plastic insert that comes with the figure.

Choose from:

  • a cartoon style or toy style Decepticon symbol or no symbol at all
  • if you want the toy style check mark and/or decibel line
  • blue or smoky grey base color
  • white “cel shaded look” lines or blank

See photos for further clarification on these options.

Please note: Custom plates will take 2-3 weeks to complete. You are responsible for choosing the correct options. No refunds will be given for incorrect orders.

Here is a link to how to install the part: Acoustic Wave chest insert installation

Category: SKU: TF-09

Additional information

Weight .3 oz
Dimensions 1.6 × .9 × .15 in
Decepticon Symbol

Cartoon Version, Toy Version, No Symbol

Check Mark

Yes Check Mark, No Check Mark

Decibel Line

Yes Decibel Line, No Decibel Line


Blue, Smoky Grey

"Cel Shaded" White Lines

Yes White Lines, No White Lines


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