Acoustic Wave Chest Insert (Toon Version) with Cards


A cartoon style, cell shaded Decepticon plate insert for Robot Paradise Fans Project RP-01 Acoustic Wave, a third party Transformers Soundwave Masterpiece scale. This is for the insert only! Figure and stand not included. This insert takes the place of the clear plastic insert that comes with the figure.

The painted option has been printed in sky blue resin, then highlighted with Createx Wicked white paint and finally stamped with a pearl plum for the Decepticon symbol. Once dry it then gets a final coat of high gloss clear coat.

Exclusive for VIPs only, set includes (4) Masterpiece style cassette covers and (1) Soundwave character card.

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Category: SKU: TF-06-1

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 1.6 × .9 × .15 in


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