Tube (FT-57 Pipes) Back Window Insert


A rear window insert for FT-57 Tube, a third party Pipes figure.
This is designed to fit exactly in the rear window notches of the figure behind his head with a 3D effect. It is printed in white resin and painted white or navy blue with an Autobot symbol stamped in wicked red, then clear coated for a smooth finish.
Your choice of Toy Style Autobot symbol with blue background or Cartoon style Autobot symbol with white background or get both for a discount.
**Please Note: This item must be sent USPS Ground at a minimum, it is too fragile to be shipped through regular mail at the USPS small envelope rate. We are sorry for any inconvenience but too many have been damaged in transit. Thanks for your understanding.**
Category: SKU: TF-19

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 2 × .8 × .2 in

Toy (Blue), Cartoon (White), Both Styles


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